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A scattered brain

Permalink I so love this idea for a baby girls room

blessing in disguise..

we always question why this and why that correct?? you never know why certain things happen…or why certain people are placed in your life….never question it as things happen for a reason…you may be going through a tough time in your life and just need someone there to show you….”its going to be ok” a certain event may happen to show you Maybe there is something better, never doubt why and although you may want to know the answer, it may first appear to seem bad, unlucky or just no good but in the end you may see something good come out of it…this may just be your blessing in disguise…

ex: loosing your job today…may seem bad but only to find another which is better.

ex: loosing someone you thought was a good friend in the end to only find out they had bad intentions and were no good for you at all.


bundled up thoughts

The reason I went with this name is because sometime my thoughts are all bundled up and I don’t know where to begin or where to express them, Sometimes thats good because you never want to tell someone too much and sometimes its bad because you have to release it..every social networking site is not for everyone to be all up in your business but furthermore a way of expressing yourself because someone may be going through the same thing as you..

Permalink I miss you when there is no reason too,  how much more if there was..
          I miss you when we talk, how much more if we don’t…
       I  miss you after were together..how much more if i see you never..
                              I <3 u now, how much more later???